Vocational training

The companies in the Roth Group offer vocational training in nine attractive professions, providing a wealth of opportunities for your future career. Under the direction of our experienced team of instructors, our in-depth, up-to-date vocational training programs are constantly evolving.

Vocational training at Roth
Industrial trainees receive theoretical training in the Roth Industries central training program. The trainees develop practical skills and learn to accept responsibility and work in a team. They have the opportunity to try out their new skills in various departments in a real-world operational environment. Theoretical and practical training phases alternate over a period of several weeks.

Our business administration trainees change departments approximately every three months. Company-based training at Roth gives them the opportunity to enhance what they have learned at vocational school and prepare for their examinations. Shortly before the examinations take place, company-based training sessions are held once a week. Company instructors provide intensive support to the trainees as they prepare for their exams.

Internal company training is an essential and defining aspect of the vocational training program. The combination of company-based and vocational school instruction, training in the apprentice shop and familiarisation with different departments and companies in the Roth Group has proven to be a very successful training model. Roth offers young people advanced, state-of-the-art media and training methods, and the qualification they receive goes beyond the requirements of current job profiles.

The application process for 2015 vocational traineeships is now closed. We will be offering places to vocational trainees in summer 2016. The offer includes commercial, technical and industrial professions for apprentices, trainees and students at "Study Plus".

  • Electronic technician (m/f)
  • Skilled metal worker (m/f)
  • Specialist warehouse clerk (m/f)
  • Industrial clerk (m/f)
  • Industrial mechanic (m/f)
  • Technical produc tdesigner (m/f)
  • Process mechanic (m/f)
  • Cutting machine operator (m/f)