Star vocational training program

Stars make it big at Roth, and by that we mean our vocational trainees.
The combination of theory and practice, vocational school and on-the-job training, creates an interesting and varied educational experience. However, we offer you the opportunity to spend some time in a different country during your training program to prepare you even better for your future careers. You can gain valuable international experience and learn how to cope with different mentalities and challenges. We promote your sense of responsibility and your independence, and we put these qualities to the test. We also give you the opportunity to look beyond your own horizon and experience a multicultural work environment.
To put all of that in place and to develop a high level of professional expertise in our own workforce, we have developed the advanced STAR continuing education program.

Program description
Before the STAR program actually gets underway, the Personnel Department selects a foreign affiliate and sets out the framework for the work exchange program. The position is posted for two weeks, and after that the selection process begins. Later on, the successful candidate travels to the foreign country to take up the temporary assignment, where a local mentor provides individual guidance and support. At the end of the STAR program, the participant has the opportunity to present his or her impressions and make an overall assessment of the temporary assignment during a post-mortem discussion.

Only business, technical or industrial trainees who have a “Good” or better grade average are eligible to apply for the STAR program. Performance during company-based training and assessments submitted by the department following practical training are also reviewed. Candidates must have good foreign language skills, and these skills are evaluated during an interview.