STAR Mirjam Buchta

Mirjam Buchta, who is learning the job of an industrial clerk, flew to Paris in May and came back with vivid impressions of France. She assisted the team of Roth France for a month with her work, she carried out translation activities, checked the correctness of incoming invoices and last but not least, considerably improved her linguistic skills. She told me: “I am so pleased that I was offered this terrific opportunity in France, especially since I very much like the country, people and the language, and had already profited from a foreign exchange friendship in Marseille in the past.”

Olivier Coutelle, responsible for administration and finances at Roth France, was Mirjam Buchta's mentor during her stay. She lived in a hotel in the center of Paris, very close to Olivier Coutelle’s home so he could take her with him to the office and back. Our French colleagues made use of the time with their guest and showed her beautiful Paris, Disneyland, the castle of Versailles and invited her to their homes on weekends. As a result, Mirjam Buchta enjoyed the pleasure of French hospitality and learned more about the mindset of the people. Her conclusion about her stay abroad is: “The 'Star' educational programme is a great opportunity that promotes professional as well as linguistic competences and enormously widens one’s horizon. Every apprentice should take advantage of this opportunity if they get the chance."