STAR Josua Mann

In the year 2009 Roth Nordic was the selected company for the Star project in the Roth training program. The “Star” Josua Mann made a three weeks journey to Frederiksund in Denmark. He got to know the warehouse, the sales department, the product management, the logistics, the purchasing department, the finance and the IT-management. This offered lots of news to the future electronics technician. He lived in a guesthouse near the company so that he went to work by bicycle. His leisure activities were bicycle tours, city strolls, canal tours and going out to the cinema. Thus Josua Mann learned about the culture, and the employees supported him well.

Josua Mann was enthusiastic. The initial insecureness of the new and foreign world was easy to overcome because the employees were very friendly and open. “Through this opportunity I had the chance to gather new experiences. Positive effects were the improvement of my English-skills, the learning about a new culture and the strengthening of the identification with the company. My self-confidence increased, too. To take such a chance has many advantages. I can only recommend it.“