STAR Cathrin Schletter

'That which we must learn to do, we learn by doing.'
Aristotle, Greek philosopher

With this firmly in mind, Cathrin Schletter set off on a three-week trip to Denmark in 2011. The partner company for that year was Roth Nordic in Frederikssund. A colleague greeted her at the airport and accompanied her to her hotel.

After a two-day introductory period, Cathrin Schletter began to find out about the company's finance department, as well as its approach to sales, logistics, storage, controlling, marketing, and purchasing. She quickly discovered a lot of similarities to Roth's factories, so the work, despite Danish being both written and spoken, was not alien to her. 'All my fears and doubts drifted away and I soon started to have fun, to rely on myself a bit more, and get by speaking English only,' recalls Cathrin Schletter. A weekend spent sailing in Sweden with a colleague's family rounded the trip abroad off nicely.

This project is a very good opportunity to find out more about another country with a different culture. 'Anyone given a chance like this really should make the most of it. Your language skills improve and you also develop as a person,' enthuses Cathrin Schletter.