Star Christoph Sinner

2012 took the STAR programme to Global Plastic, S.A. in Tudela, a Spanish branch factory. Industrial business administrator Christoph Sinner made the trip between 24 June and 20 July, and experienced a lot of new things while he was there.

Apart from the time spent at work, where Christoph Sinner helped out in the sales/dispatch, quality assurance, and technical departments, the timetable also boasted a wealth of cultural activities. This included a visit to the world-famous San Fermín festival in Pamplona, a trip to San Sebastián on the Atlantic coast, and an excursion through the local 'Las Bardenas Reales' desert, which covers some 45,000 hectares. Christoph Sinner was accompanied on these outings by his host family (the family of a female colleague), who took excellent care of him throughout his time in Spain.

He summarised his stay as follows: 'I would recommend any trainee to participate in this programme, since you gain a wealth of experiences which will stand you in good stead from both a personal and professional perspective.'´