Roth air/water heat pumps

Heat pumps that use the outside air which is available everywhere as a heat source, are cheaper to buy than other heat sources. They also do not need approval and are quick and easy to install. Air/water heat pumps are suitable for inside and outdoor installation.

The various power classes and a supply temperature of up to 58 °C predestine the Roth air/water heat pumps Aura E x for use in new buildings and in the modernisation of single to multiple family houses. The Aura E x line of heat pumps achieves the best power values through the scroll compressor that is used and the CFC-free working fluid circuit. They can be used at outside temperatures down to -20 °C without any problem. On the few extremely cold days, it may also make sense to switch on an auxiliary heat generator parallel to the air/water heat pump. The immersion heater (from 6 to 9 kW) serially integrated takes over the auxiliary heating function in monoenergetic operation. An existing heating boiler, for example, can be used for bivalent operation.