Roth AuraCompact® P

The Roth air/water heat pumps are available in a compact version for indoor installation. With a power rating of 8 kW, the very quiet indoor Roth air/ water heat pumps AuraCompact P is ideal for installation in low energy houses of up to 180 m². The powerful heat pumps are especially impressive due to their compact, spacesaving construction. To the delight of the operator and craftsman and in contrast to other air/water heat pumps, everything required for convenient heating is integrated in the modular construction. Planning and installation times are thus reduced to a minimum. The Roth AuraCompact P also offers a "neat" appearance as the necessary components do not need to be mounted on the wall next to the equipment.        

Even the buffer storage tank required for the defrosting process is integrated in the Roth AuraCompact P. An external domestic water storage tank should be used if the Roth AuraCompact P should be suitable for domestic water heating. It is important to make sure that the heat exchanger of the storage tank is large enough. The Roth domestic water storage tanks, specially matched to the Roth heat pumps in function and design, are an ideal addition to the drinking water provision.