Roth brine/water heat pumps - heating and cooling with energy from the earth

The various power classes up to 23 kW and the high supply temperature (up to 65 °C) predestine the modern Roth brine/water heat pumps for use in new buildings and in modernisation of houses ranging from single to multiple family houses. With their excellent power values, they are intended for monovalent operation. However, a 6 kW or (from the power class 14) a 9 kW immersion heater is installed serially for safety reasons and, in the case of domestic water heating, as anti-legionella function. The Roth TerraCompact and TerraCompact B brine/water heat pumps are equiped with a special energy effiency heat circulation pump with energy effiency class A to reduce the power comsumption of the complete system.

All the brine/water heat pumps have an integrated heat metre. The Roth TerraCompact and TerraCompact B brine/water heat pumps are impressive not only through their excellent power values, but also through their compact construction. All the components required for comfortable and environment-friendly heating as well as optional cooling are mounted in an attractive housing to save space. They no longer need to be installed on the wall with all the associated expenses.The Roth TerraCompact B already include a domestic water storage tank and additional components that are required for the provision of drinking water. All components are tested at the factory and optimally matched to one another.

Due to their compact construction, the Roth brine/water heat pumps offer planning safety and very simple installation. As a result valuable planning and installation time is saved.

Cooling with the heating system
Optionally, the Roth brine/water heat pumps can also cool as well as heat. Here, heat is extracted from the rooms by the floor heating and cooling systems in the walls, ceilings and floor areas and released into the earth. Because this cooling function is only covered by the earth collector or the earth sensor, this is referred to as passive cooling. The priority switching for domestic water provision ensures that, whenever required, the passive cooling is switched off and the heat pump is switched on until the domestic water has been heated to the desired temperature. Once the required temperature is reached, the system switches back again to passive cooling. As only the circulation pump is used for this and the heat pump remains switched off, in principle this convenient additional comfort is available free of charge. Thus in summer, simply the temperature of the earth is used in order to cool the rooms comfortably.