Roth TerraCompact® B

The installation area of the Roth TerraCompact B has been reduced to a minimum. It only requires 0,42 m² of space. Another highlight of the Roth TerraCompact B is the removable Multibox. Here the cooling circuit with compressor is optimally insulated. This means the operation of the Roth TerraCompact B, in comparison to the already very quiet Roth heat pumps, is almost as quiet as a refrigerator. It is ideal for installation close to residential areas due to its minimal installation area and exceptionally quiet operation.                

It is available in power classes 6, 8 and 10 kW for heating and passive cooling. The supply temperatures go up to 65 °C.

The integrated domestic water storage tank with a volume of 200 litres guarantees a constant supply of warm water. Temperatures of up to 55 °C are possible. The integrated external power anode reliably protects the storage tank against corrosion and guarantees a long storage tank lifetime without any need for anode maintenance.

Simple and flexible installation
Multibox can be removed for transport and assembly. It is located in the lower area of the equipment. This also enables the cabinet to be transported horizontally to the installation location. The connection for heating, domestic water and electrical equipment is on top of the cabinet. The brine connections can be connected on the left or right side as required. Service access is only from the front. Consequently, the installation location of the Roth TerraCompact B is flexible and it can be installed in the corner or directly against the wall.