Roth AuraModul® E

The Roth AuraModul® E is available in power classes from 8 to 19 kW. With its weatherproof housing, it is designed for outdoor installation. Installation outside the building with an energy-saving and environment-friendly heating technology gives you more freedom for individual design.

Installation of the AuraModul® E can be carried out at low cost. A simple foundation is adequate as installation base for the AuraModul® E. All supply lines are fed frost-free from below through a cutout in the ground plate and an opening in the foundation. Despite the very quiet operation of the Roth AuraModul® E, the installation location should be selected so that any disturbance in quiet areas can be excluded.

The domestic water storage tanks specially matched to the Roth heat pumps in function and design are an ideal complementation to the provision of drinking water. To ensure the necessary defrosting, the combination of the buffer storage tank with the Roth storage tank P is ideal.