Roth Solargeo® - ecological complete systems from renewable energies

The elements of the Roth solar-heat pump energy system Solargeo® E

- Roth Solargeo® Ex heat pump
- Roth Solargeo® Ex solar system
- Roth Solargeo® Ex exchanger station
- Roth EnergyLogic modul Solargeo® Ex

Highly efficient operation

The solar energy is initially used for supplying hot water and auxiliary heating directly through a combi storage tank system. Excess energy is conducted into the Solargeo heat exchanger station. This is used both to increase the usable energy potential of the Roth Solargeo heat pump and to regenerate the soil. The heat pump supply has priority.

The Roth Solargeo solar system interacts with the Roth Solargeo heat pump through the Roth Solargeo heat exchanger station that is buried in the ground. The tube heat exchangers, which are arranged vertically in the soil, are connected to the exchanger. The tube heat exchangers are fitted with horizontal plastic pipes, which form two mutually independent loops and through which the flow passes inversely to the heat transfer medium. They provide the storage and extraction elements for both feeding the solar return and extracting energy from the soil to ensure that the heat pump operates at a high efficiency level. The plastic pipes are kept firmly in place by plastic support elements. The heat exchangers are installed below the frost line and are connected to the Roth solar energy system or the Roth heat pump by the distributor located in the Solargeo heat exchanger station. There is no need for boreholes for soil probes or for extensive soil excavations for horizontal tube collectors. The Solargeo energy system is controlled by the intelligent Roth Solargeo Energy Logic module, which is designed with system efficiency in mind.

The Roth Solargeo® Ex energy system

  • in addition to the geothermal energy generation with standard heat pumps it creates up to 25 % solar energy for heating and warm water
  • saves up to 25 % electric energy in relation to standard heat pumps with geothermal connection


Roth Solargeo® Ex energy system - 33 percent increase in efficiency compared to the current technical level of the geothermal heat pumps

The system increases the extraction performance of the heat pump and improves its operating conditions by raising the temperature level on the source side. This results in higher system seasonal performance factors and lower operating costs compared with standard heat pumps. As part of a scientific study, Professor Dr. Wilfried Zörner of Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences confirmed that the Solargeo system has a unique system seasonal performance factor of up to 5.3. This means a 33 percent increase in efficiency compared to the current technical level of the geothermal heat pumps, which are already very efficient.

The Roth Solargeo energy system increases the utilisation of the solar heating system by 25 percent compared to standard solar heating systems, thanks to the fact that it also utilises the solar heat in the lower temperature range and in lower levels of solar radiation and the input of the solar energy in the heat exchanger station. Moreover, around 25 percent less electricity is consumed compared to standard heat pumps with a geothermal connection.

Besides the energy saving in the overall system, the innovative Roth heat pumps make a considerable contribution to preserving our resources, on the one hand by directly using the energy from the environment, and on the other hand by feeding the excess solar energy to the heat pump.

Multiple energy benefits from Roth
The Roth Ex solar heat pump energy systems, with the solar and room-temperature-controlled Roth heat pumps with integrated high-efficiency circulation pump, guarantee multiple energy benefits. The Roth Energy Logic module which is already integrated in the heat pump forms the link between the heat pump and the radiant heating and cooling system. Integral networking with Roth radiant heating and cooling systems via the Roth Energy Logic system and with solar panels ensures maximum energy efficiency Overall.