Roth Solar-BW-storage tank 300 and 400

Roth BW 300 and 400 solar storage tanks
In the Roth BW 300 and 400 solar storage tanks, the heat generated by sun collectors is led to the domestic water via a lower wide-surface straight-tube heat exchanger. The second bare-tube heat exchanger in the top section is used to heat any domestic water subsequently needed via the boiler. The surface of the inner heat exchanger is particularly large. It guarantees an optimal usage of the solar yield and therefore the efficiency of the overall system. The complete storage tank is protected against corrosion through enamel coating according to DIN 4753 and a magnesium anode. Installation is very easy. All necessary connections can directly be attached to the storage tank without additional extensions. Every connection has a flat seal. For demand-oriented loading of the storage tank and the required position of the storage tank sensor for this purpose, immersion sleeves are attached to the storage tank. A thermometer, blind flange and flange insulating hood are pre-assembled in the factory. Height-adjustable feet ensure secure set-up even on uneven floors.

For minimising heat loss the Roth solar BW storage tank is covered by a highquality, strong and CFC-free 50 mm thick PU insulation.