Roth buffer storage tanks for heat pumps

Roth buffer storage tanks ensure the defrosting process
In the case of air/water heat pumps, freezing is caused on the evaporator by cooling down the in-coming outside air to a low temperature area. This is why the evaporator is automatically defrosted whenever necessary by reversing the circuit of the heat pump. A buffer storage tank is required to enable the defrosting process and to bridge off-times.

Roth storage tank P 200 for heat pump
To ensure the defrosting process of the air/water heat pumps, the Roth storage tank TPS 200 is ideal for combination with the Roth AuraModul E for outdoor installation as buffer storage tank to place beside. Furthermore the TPS 200 can be used as a hydrauclic switching by the installation from heating circles.

Roth storage tank UP 140 for heat pumps
The Roth heat pump storage tank UP 140 is a buffer tank to place below the heat pump which is extremely well suited for combination with the Roth Aura modul 12 kW. It has the same design as the heat pump so that – not only functionally but also visually – it forms a unit between heat pump and storage tank.

Roth separating storage tanks TPS 500 and 800 for heat pumps
If the Roth floor heating system is used for the energy distribution the storage tanks TP 200 and UP 140 are the right choice. The bigger storage tanks such as the storage tanks TPS 500 or 800 are useful if there are radiators used as distribution systems to prevent a frequency clocking of the heating pump. Furthermore it is possible to use the Roth storage tanks 500 and 800 as a hydraulic separator for the installation of several heating circles.